Monday, October 10, 2011

another Menemsha boat

I am finding the boats on Menemsha Pond irresistible - something about the brilliant autumn sunshine, the marshes - which are just beginning to turn color - and the boats, seemingly abandoned for the winter. That, of course, is probably not the case - I feel certain that Menemsha Pond boat owners are nothing if not conscientious about taking good care of their seagoing property, but poetry dictates that the boats will lie here, buffeted by the elements, their paint peeling - the only denizens of a deserted island. Anyway, this is a study of one of them - 5" x 5" on a linen covered panel. Sold.


krista said...

Beautiful! The simplicity of it brings a strong sense of peace. There is something nice about the clarity of the light and the curve of the boat that is delightful.

sarah meredith said...

Thank you Krista! As always your comments mean a lot!