Monday, May 10, 2010

poster study

oil on paper


MartinWainwright said...

Nice portrait S! I very much like the style. P and I thought of you in the dazzling light of Nice where we have just celebrated our (joint...) 120th birthday. The modern art museum there is fun and we specially liked a superclown called Yves Klein whose notions of art were original. I have just been immersed in Americana in the book American Wife, which I enjoyed for its portrayal of US small town society, but found very odd and slightly quease-inducing as a piece of fiction which nonetheless borrows so heavily from the real life of Laura Bush. Have any of you read it? Anyway, as ever, keep painting. How about a portrait of P for her birthday? tell me your price! x to all M

sarah meredith said...

Hello from mountainous North Carolina!! I am at the local library in Spruce Pine, where they have Wifi, not to mention cats lolling about all over the place. Thanks for the comment about the portrait of Ellie - a more finished version is in the works, though slowly, because Ellie can sit for me rarely, since she is fully employed - and a busy young woman. Would love to paint Penny!!!! Let's talk! Happy 120th - what a lovely way to celebrate. xxs