Thursday, June 26, 2008

There you go , Wooly

graphite on paper


Unknown said...

Hi Sarah! Now that is brilliant work. Creative on many levels... The rendering of your children is both tender and touching. Your drawing is beautiful, as is your painting. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

Love ya,

Lil said...

yay! thank you mummy! you make me look very pretty.

love, wooly

silver fortress said...

hello sarah-
june has been a very good month! I love everything - the painting of my favorite rococo princess, the eggs!, your s/p and the drawings of your children. really, they are all great to see.
(feeling proud of my people)

sarah meredith said...

hey tim - a comment from you is a big deal in my book! thank you. your people profit greatly from their time in Paris and AC. hope all is well.

Diane Feissel said...

Oh, this is gorgeous!